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  Published music

Works by Christopher Rathbone published by Banks Music Publications

Nunc natus est altissimus: carol for SATB and organ (Latin and English words)

Carol of gifts: carol for SATB and organ

Pie Jesu: for two upper voices (trebles or SA) and organ (Latin and English words) ECS 445

Hymn to the Trinity, SS/organ ECS558; or SATB/organ ECS 390

Works by Christopher Rathbone published by Barry Jordan

Available from Barry Jordan Music, 11 Carr Hill Avenue, Calverley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire LS28 5QG

Tel: 0113 255 5426 or E-mail:

Requiem (op 92) for SATB choir, organ (34 minutes) (Latin words)

The World’s a Stage (op 84) for baritone solo, SATB choir, small orchestra (flute, trumpet, strings) (18 minutes)

Songs from Toad op 40 for children’s choir and piano (10 minutes)

Organ music: Variations on a French psalm tune (Virgin-born, we bow before you) (op 96)  (15 minutes)

BJM Choral series

11 Why so heavy, O my soul? (op 66) anthem for SATB and organ (2 mins 30 secs)

12 Marlborough Mass (op 40) unison voices (with SATB optional), and organ

13 God is our hope and strength (op 93) motet for unaccompanied SATB

14 Meanwood Mass (op 98) unison (with SATB optional), and organ

15 God is gone up )op 74) anthem for SATB and organ (3 mins 30 seconds)

18 Two carols for unaccompanied SATB: Of a rose, a lovely rose (op 33), and The Salford Carol (op 35)

19 A Child is born in Bethlehem (trad, arr Rathbone) SATB and organ

20 Behold, my servant: anthem for SATB and organ, suitable for ordinations and  installations

23 Salve Regina: motet for SATB unaccompanied (Latin words)

Two carols from op 104:

24 Remember, O thou man: SATB unaccompanied

25 The Angel Gabriel from heaven came: SATB and piano or organ

27 A Nuptial Song (My beloved spake and said unto me) (op 105): anthem for SATB, organ and optional cello

33 The St Peter's service (op 111) SATB and organ

     O Salutaris Hostia (op 115) SATB and organ
38 Two Prayers (op 116) SATB unaccompanied
37 God of New Beginnings (op 118) SATB and organ
39 The St Margaret's Service (op 119) SATB and organ
     Responses (2nd set, 2010) SATB and organ
41 The Holy Boy (op 121) carol for SATB/organ
42 Missa Brevis Santa Margareta (op 126) SATB unaccompanied
 Other music available in typeset form

Advent of the Kingdom op 62, “This endris night” (op 69), also Out of the Deep op 79; Blessed be that Lady bright op 82; The House of God op 76; Easter op 130 and Two short prayers op133; also arrangements of We three Kings, Amazing Grace, I vow to thee my country, 'Evergreen' and 'Were you there?' 

Second service for trebles (Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis) (op 81) SS and organ. Typeset by “Keynote” for the Leeds Parish Church boys Service Book.

Sonata no 2 for organ op 106 typeset by Philip Rayner 2013, available from the composer

Phrygian Suite op 129 for viola and piano; also chamber works op 52, 54, 56, 61, 65, 67, 100, 101, 113, 117, 120, 122, 125 and 132; the Sorley setting (East Kennett Church...) op124; a few of the op 114 Musical Visiting Cards (fugues for Kimberley, Ant and B, G & P Higgins and C & K Cheater); and  organ works op 26, 30, 64, 71 77, 80, 83, 91, 95, 107, 109, 110 (Duet), 113, 128, 131. 

 See the page called My Diary for a full up-to-date list.

Other music listed under “Compositions”, available directly from the composer, phone 07534 095386, or e-mail