Choir and organ

op 11 Evening service for men’s voices (T B) 1967
op 13 Communion service for men’s voices (ATB) 1968

(arranged for SATB 1971)

op 18 A new commandment, anthem (ATB or SATB + org) 1969

This straightforward setting of the words from St John's gospel and verses from the Song of songs was composed for the composer's own wedding in June 1969, and was first sung by the ATB chapel choir of St Catharine's College with Edward Higginbottom, organ, in Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge. There is a short baritone solo and an easy organ accompaniment. Now type-set by the composer in a version for Bar. solo and SATB with organ. First performance this century at St Margaret's Ilkley on October 25th 2015. Suitable as a Communion anthem, especially at a nuptial mass! 

(Pub. Typeset)
op 0 A Child is born (trad, arr SATB, organ) 1980

The composer cannot remember where he found the original melody and words of this delightful carol, but is very happy to perform the perky arrangement with various choirs. It has been beautifully produced by Barry Jordan.

(Pub. BJM)
op 0 “We three kings”, carol arr SATB and organ 1998

This is a witty arrangement of the familiar Epiphany carol complete with a very lugubrious baritone solo for the third King and a splendidly over-the-top final verse with descant. It has been used almost every Epiphany since 1998 either at Meanwood or Ilkley!

Now typeset by a frustrated bass!

(Pub. Typeset)
op 0 Preces and Responses 2nd set 2010

A useful setting of the responses for Mattins or Evensong with gentle organ accompaniment, for SATB + organ, and an alternative version for unison voices + organ is also available. Ist performance at the festal evensong at the end of the singing day at St Margaret's Ilkley on 16.x.10. Includes a setting of the Lord's Prayer and the final responses. Performed in Carlisle Cathedral at Choral Evensong by St Margaret's Choir on 7th September 2019.

(Pub. BJM)
op 0 'Guiseley' - hymn tune 2012

A new hymn tune for Cardinal Newman's hymn 'Firmly I believe and truly' (February 2012) with optional last verse descant.

op 0 Jerusalem, my happy home (arr. SATB/ org.)

Recorded by St Margaret's Choir on 21st September. This is a straightforward arrangement for choir and organ of the hymn, using H.Irons's hymn-tune 'Southwell', as played by the Minster bells 3 times a day. There are 4 verses, the 2nd is for high voices, the third for TB: the last has a soprano descant.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 0 Puer natus in Bethlehem

An Arrangement for voice(s) and piano of a Mediaeval Latin carol, for the 2019 Rathbone Christmas card!

(Pub. Typeset)
op 40 Marlborough Mass (unison w . optional SATB) 1982

This very singable setting of the Mass (the movements of a sung eucharist, using the text of series 3, but compatible with Common Worship) was designed for the choir and congregation of Marlborough College Chapel. As well as Kyrie, Gloria (rather jazzy, known as the 'funky Gloria'), Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus, there are settings of the Lord's Prayer, Gospel responses, and Acclamations. Suitable for purely congregational use, but with sections using optional SATB parts for churches with choirs.

(Pub. BJM)
op 42 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for trebles in G 1979/81

This is the 'First Service for Trebles', with a Magnificat added to the original free-standing Nunc Dimittis. It is tuneful and fairly easy, and was originally intended for the Choir of St Mary's School Calne under Steven Cowley. In 2017 it was arranged for SATB for the Choir of St Margaret's Ilkley under the title of 'A Short Evening Service' op 42B; and typeset (17.i.17).

(Pub. Typeset)
op 50 Rex Splendens. motet for St Dunstan 1988

This motet for SATB and organ was composed for the choir of Marlborough College to mark Saint Dunstan's Millennium.

op 62 The Advent of the Kingdom 1996

(SATB, organ)

This Advent carol was written for the composer's first Carol Concert as Musical Director of the Morley Musical Society. It sets a poem by Louis MacNeice. It was typeset in 2014 for a performance in London by the Elysian Singers and Sam Laughton in December 2014.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 66 “Why so heavy, Oh my soul?” (psalm 42) 1998

An anthem for SATB and organ (recorded by the Heritage Singers 2003), this is a straightforward setting of words from psalm 42.

(Pub. BJM)
op 68 “Preserve us, O Lord, while waking” 1998

anthem for 2 part trebles and organ

op 69 'This endris night' carol 1998

This catchy and singable carol has proved popular with the Morley Music Society, Bradford Chorale, Meanwood Parish Church choir, Leeds Parish church choir (who recorded it twice), and St Margaret's Ilkley choir. The words are Mediaeval.

(Pub. Typeset) 'This endris night' carol 1998
op 72 “Nunc natus est altissimus”, carol for SATB and organ

(recorded on Amphion CD PHI CD 503)

This Carol of the Shepherds and the Angels, written in 1999, describing the encounter between the angels and the shepherds on Christmas night, was written for Leeds Parish Church Choir to sing at the dedication service for the glass Angel Screen in the Church in 1999. It was recorded in 2000 by the choir, for the Amphion CD 'This Endris Night', and again  for an LPC CD issued by Foxglove Records, directed by Simon Lindley and accompanied by Jonathan Lilley (also 2000.) It was included in the Bradford RSCM Area Festival in Sept 2012 at St Margaret's Ilkley and again at St Margaret's for the 2012 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. The Mediaeval text is 'macaronic', half in Latin and half in English.

(Pub. Banks) “Nunc natus est altissimus”, carol for SATB and organ
op 74 “God is gone up”, anthem for SATB and organ 1999

This short but exciting anthem is particularly suitable for Ascensiontide. The organ part requires a brilliant trumpet stop but is manageable on a 2-manual instrument. Regularly performed on or around Ascension Day at St Margaret's Ilkley. Recorded by St Margaret's Choir on September 21st 2019.

(Pub. BJM)
op 75 “A Garland of Spirituals” 1999

soprano solo, SATB and organ

This is an arrangement of four spirituals (Peter go ring dem bells, Steal away, I got a robe, Deep river) to make a small 10 minute cantata. It was written for Victoria Sharp, and has been performed with the Morley Musical Society, the Bradford Chorale and the Castleford Choral Society. It is also available in an orchestral arrangement.

op 76 “The House of God” 1999

This is a big festival anthem, suitable for the dedication festival of a church, or for the feast of the Trinity. It was written for the 150th anniversary of Holy Trinity Meanwood in 1999, and features solo parts for at least 5 trebles! The words are culled from all sorts of sources but eventually light on the words of the hymn 'Christ is made the sure foundation', at first tentatively, and eventually in a jubilant final verse with congregation, soprano descant and a splendid final 'Alleluia, amen'. A highlight is the exquisite duet for two trebles, 'This is thy palace, here Thy presence chamber: Here may Thy servants, at the mystic banquet, Daily adoring take Thy body broken, drink of Thy chalice.'

The piece has been newly typeset by the composer for use at St Margaret's Ilkley and at Bolton Priory during 2014

(Pub. Typeset)
op 79 “Out of the Deep” 2000

This anthem for SATB and organ was written for the choir of Meanwood parish church, and sets psalm 130. It dates from April 2000. Typeset in early 2016.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 81 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis 2000

for trebles and organ no 2

A useful if demanding setting (mostly in two parts) of the evening canticles written for the Leeds Parish Church trebles' canticle book in 2000 at the request of the Master of the Choristers, Simon Lindley: should be in the repertoire of every cathedral boys choir!

(Pub. Typeset)
op 82 “Blessed be that Lady Bright” 2000

A carol for SATB and organ. It was sung at the festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at St Margaret's Ilkley in 2010.

Now type-set in preparation for its revival at the Nine Lessons and Carols in December 2015. Available as a pdf from

(Pub. Typeset)
op 87 “A Carol of Gifts” 2001

A carol for SATB and organ, based on a lovely text by Micky Philp. The type-set edition by Barry Jordan has been taken over by Banks Music Publications. It was performed at the Nine Lessons and Carols at St Margaret's Ilkley in Dec 2013. 

(Pub. Banks)
op 92 Requiem

SATB and organ (recorded on Amphion CD PHI CD 505). The setting is suitable for church and cathedral choirs, and has been used liturgically several times (in Wakefield Cathedral, at Meanwood and in Ilkley), but is also suitable for performance by Choral Societies, and needs no soloists, just an organ for accompaniment. The Pie Jesu is very suitable as a stand-alone anthem for boys or girls choirs, and may also be done as a duet for two solo sopranos. (It is published separately by Banks of York.)

The 'Glimpses of Palestine' op 97 were composed as an optional series of interpolations into the Requiem, and were thus performed at Morley Central Methodist church in 2005.

(Pub. BJM) Requiem
op 92 Pie Jesu 2002

2 trebles and organ op 92A. This is an extract from the Requiem op 92, and can be sung by two solo trebles, by two-part choir trebles, by soprano/alto soloists or by a female choir. It is available separately from Banks Music Publications, or as part of the complete Requiem from Barry Jordan Music.

(Pub. Banks)
op 98 Meanwood Mass 1995/2004

SATB, congregation and organ. This is a useful congregational setting of the Mass, with rather more interesting parts for the SATB choir than the Marlborough Mass. The Gloria is another jaunty setting, though not quite as funky as its Marlborough counterpart!

(Pub. BJM)
op 103 “Behold my servant” 2005

SATB and organ

This anthem was written for the ordination service in Ripon Cathedral in 2005 at which Isobel Rathbone was made Deacon. It was subsequently performed by the cathedral choir on several occasions, including a BBC Radio 3 broadcast of Choral Evensong. It is particularly suitable for Ordination, Confirmation and Installation services, but also for general use. The text is adapted from Isaiah.

(Pub. BJM)
op 104 Four Carols nos 1, 2 & 3 2005

SATB and organ/piano (1, 2 and 3)

The Angel Gabriel (publ. BJM)

King Herod and the Cock (There was a star)(unpublished)

A Virgin most pure (unpublished)


The 4th of the set is an unaccompanied setting of 'Remember O thou man' which is published by BJM

(Pub. BJM)
op 105 A Nuptial Song 2006

SATB and organ, composed for Polly Rathbone's wedding to Nick Ward in July 2006. (Performers: the expanded choir of Meanwood Holy Trinity with Stephen Power, organ and Tom Rathbone, cello). It sets wonderful words from the Song of Songs (My beloved spake and said unto me) and would be suitable for any Summer evensong! The piece was performed three times in 2013, and recorded by the choir of St Margaret's Ilkley with Nadine Wharton (cello) and Christopher Rathbone (organ) on the CD 'The Power of Music'. Used twice in 2016 for more weddings!

(Pub. BJM)
op 108 4 anthems for girls choirs 2007

These four useful anthems (2 soprano parts with organ) are designed for girls choirs, but are suitable for boys or women's choirs or even soloists. The settings are:

            1. Hymn to the Trinity (now available from Banks in the original version and in an arrangement for SATB and organ). The original version was recorded by Bradford Cathedral Choir on 'A Very Yorkshire Christmas'

(from Clematis Records.) It was recommended by the RSCM as a suitable anthem in the issue of 'Sunday by Sunday' for Trinity Sunday 2013.

            2. Come down O love divine

            3. I will lift up mlne eyes unto the hills

            4. O be joyful in the Lord (Jubilate)


(Pub. Banks)
op 111 Magnificat and nunc dimittis – St Peter’s service 2008

This is an attractive setting of the evening canticles which was first sung in Bristol Cathedral by the Wheatsheaf Consort and has now entered the repertoire of the choir of Bradford Cathedral.

(Pub. BJM)
op 115 O Salutaris Hostia 2009

Anthem for Benediction or Communion, composed for the choir of St Margaret's, Ilkley, where it has been used 3 or 4 times a year ever since. Recorded by St Margaret's Choir on September 21st 2019.

(Pub. BJM)
op 118 God of New Beginnings 2011

Anthem for SATB choir and organ, a setting of a prayer by Canon Andrew Clitherow, Vicar of Lytham. First performed on Mothering Sunday, April 3rd 2011 at St Margaret's, Ilkley. This is easily performed by any choir, and effectively sets a fine text. It was recorded by St Margaret's Choir and SMS at St M's Ilkley in 2013 for the CD 'The Power of Music'.

(Pub. BJM)
op 119 St Margaret's Service (Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis) 2011

A new setting of the evening canticles written especially for the choir of St Margaret's Ilkley, and first performed at evensong on St Margaret's Day 2011.

(Pub. BJM)
op 121 'The Holy Boy', carol for SATB and organ 2012

A new setting of Herbert S Brown's poem inspired by John Ireland's piano piece, 'the Holy Boy', first performed at Midnight Mass  2012 at St Margaret's Ilkley, with Anthony Gray, organ, then at the Nine Lessons and Carols on 21.xii.14.

(Pub. BJM)
op 130 Easter: a carol of the Resurrection, SATB/Organ 2014

Recorded by St Margaret's Choir on September 21st 2019.

This is a substantial setting of charming Mediaeval words with copious Alleluias, and a quiet moment describing the scene in the garden with Mary Magdalene. It was first performed (with Anthony Gray, organ) at the Vigil Mass on Easter Eve 2015 at St Margaret's, Ilkley.

Available now in type-set form (9 pages).

(Pub. Typeset)
op 133 Two short prayers - 2015

These two short anthems will be useful as introit or anthem for evensong, or similar occasions. The first is a setting of the RSCM Choristers' Prayer, 'Bless, O Lord, us thy servants... (with alternative words available for more general congregational use, as adapted as the MAP prayer at St Margaret's Ilkley). It can be performed with or without organ. The second is a rather more extended text by Christina Rosetti ('Tune me, O Lord, into one harmony...') which also uses musical metaphors. They were both composed and typeset in June 2015.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 138 Prayer of St Richard of Chichester

This short and tuneful anthem is a useful addition to the repertoire of modest church choirs. The text is the famous prayer by St Richard of Chichester, Bishop of Chichester from 1245 to 1253. It is set for SATB and organ.

Recorded by St Margaret's Choir on 21st September 2019.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 139 Two anthems to words by George Herbert

Bitter-sweet is a short anthem, a setting of a short poem by George Herbert for choir and organ written in February 2018. My joy, my life, my crown is a setting of is a longer poem by Herbert, also set for SATB + organ.

(Pub. Typeset)
op 140 Incarnation (Pub. Typeset)