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is a composer, organist, choir director, pianist and harpsichordist. Since August 2009 Christopher has been director of music at St Margaret's Ilkley. He has 143 compositions to his name, many of them published by Banks and by BJM, or self-published; and there are 3 Amphion CDs and a Meridian CD devoted to his music, as well as various other recordings.

Christopher gives regular monthly recitals at St Margaret's on the first Friday of each month at 12.30 pm; he is available to give solo organ recitals elsewhere. He is also available to play for weddings and funerals, and to accompany choirs and choral society concerts. He has his own harpsichord, and will provide continuo, for instance for Handel Oratorio performances.

Click on Biography for for details of Christopher's education, qualifications and career; Compositions for lists of music for organ, choirs, chamber music and more; Sheet Music for details of published music, and My Diary for forthcoming events involving Christopher as composer or performer. The last of these is updated at least once a month, and the others as necessary.  

This track comes from the three available Amphion CDs. Click on CDs for more information.